The court order to ban the pornography app Tiktak, Encouraging pornography

The court order to ban the pornography app Tiktak, Encouraging pornography

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Tiktak 'no more. This Chinese app is now banned. Madras Court ordered the center. Complaint, audio-video entertainment 'Tiktak' in the back of the movie is actually backing the pornography world This Chinese app is encouraging pornography, which is affecting young people and young minds. The Madras Court ordered that the center stop the Chinese app by issuing this warning.

A lawyer and social worker, Muthu Kumar, filed a petition in Madras Court, asking for the closure of 'Tikkaq'. On the basis of that petition, the Madurai Bench issued an interim guidelines on Wednesday and directed the central government to ban the 'Tiktak' app. The Madurai bench has directed the central government to ensure that this Chinese app is not downloaded in any way in India. At the same time, a video of this app is not broadcasted in the media, it has been asked to be urged by the government.

Recently Tamil Nadu's Information Technology Ministry M. Monikandan said that they have already written a letter to the center to stop 'Tiktak'. In fact, Chinese company Byte Dans said they are working in the 2011 IT Act. The guidance of the Madras Court is awaiting, if you get it, the entire matter will be examined and arrangements will be made as well.

In fact, there are only 5 million subscribers from India, from 'Tikkaq'. The popularity of this Chinese app in the whole country is increasing day by day. In January last year, only 9.5 percent of the teneen people used this app. This year, it increased to 43 percent.

It is to be noted that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's letter to stop the TickTech App has said that the Swadeshi Jagran Mancha also has a voice. On behalf of the organization, Ashwani Mahajan has mentioned in the letter about the nature of social evil and the social degradation of the blue film. Although Chinese company Byte Dance said they will work with regard to Indian culture. In any way, if the normal condition does not deteriorate, they will also keep an eye on them.